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A new Japanese take away concept via the 'Copain' bar

Arnaud and Jeremy, the founders of the bar 'Copain', and are also big fans of Japanese food. So, they started thinking about a new concept, the Yoka Tomo or 'good friend' in Japanese ('copain' in French). They teamed up with Tomo a real Japanese cook from Fukoka and a great specialist in Akaya cuisine... which means 'Japanese brewery'.

They are planning to open a real restaurant in Schaerbeek (they're waiting for the necessary permits), but already opened in the Copain bar.

How does it work? The take away is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, on the Facebook page there is a link to an order form. You have the choice between 3 to 4 dishes such as fried marinated chicken or tofu fritters or braised pork, 3 side dishes such as a salsify salad, soybeans or seaweed salad. Finally, you can also choose for the Extras, small portions of the main course for the curious and the gourmets.

Place your orders ... and 良 い 旅 を (bon voyage) !!!




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Yoka Tomo
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