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A unique offer in indoor plants, substrates, accessories, books and gifts for all people who love plants and gardening.

Wondergreen! is a plant store for all budgets, a concept store nestled in a setting with magical stained glass windows next to the Josaphat park. You'll also find there natural pottery, terrariums, lots of pretty little things to please anyone who likes plants (jewellery, cards, gifts, books ...).

Wondergreen! is also a mini urban garden centre: organic compost, gardening tools, accessories made in a sustainable, ecological and plastic-free fashion. Just what you need to take care of your organic plants or vegetable garden.

Workshops and events on the theme of plants are also organized in and around the store. To learn how to make a terrarium, naturalize an orchid, tie up a kokédama, or meet people involved in urban agriculture or permaculture.

What is the history of Wondergreen?

This is the story of Kris, a little boy who bought plants with his pocket money, and who knew the Latin names of the plants rather than the names of football players. Life and its surprising little convolutions led him to work in communication, then to listen to his heart and create from scratch a bio farm where for 10 years, he collected edible plants and cultivated vegetables.

Time has passed, but the values ​​have remained. Back in town, in the coolest town in the universe (Schaerbeek, what else?), Kris worked for several companies with an ethical vocation before creating Wondergreen! His goal: to share his wonder for the plant world, and to make the city greener!




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