't Potverdoemmeke

Avenue Général Eisenhower 10, 1030 Schaerbeek


Is there still a real Brussels neighbourhood restaurant? Non peut-être!

In a corner house located on the superb General Eisenhower Avenue is the 't Potverdoemeke bistro. Matraske and Naske, father and son, offer real traditional Belgian food based on fresh and local products. All in a very Belgian setting, from cooking to music through decoration.

As a starter, there are the homemade croquettes with old Bruges cheese and grey shrimps or a casserole of shrimps… amazing! On the main course, you have the choice between an 'américain préparé', a real 'vol au vent', tomato sauce with meatballs, the Eisenhower burger or a bacon-sausage 'stoump'. The Belgian fries are freshly peeled, cut and poached twice ... even better than in a good 'fritkot'! There are also house specialities such as' t Potverdoemeke tartare, meatballs like they prepare them in Liège, chicory balls…

The Chef also offers daily suggestions according to his (good) mood, his inspiration and according to the season.

As for desserts, you can order cherries' t Potverdoemeke, chocolate mousse and mellow, ice creams and of course also real waffles from Brussels.

If you want to go to a real Belgian brasserie, then 't Potverdoemeke is the place to be.




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't Potverdoemmeke
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