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A blow of heart assured if you like wild bouquets in pastel colors

So Beautiful, it is not a simple florist who makes bouquets as one can find everywhere, but a craftswoman who practices a creative, simple and natural floral art. Expect you'll fall in love with this shop if you like pretty flowers! Bénédicte creates for each customer a unique bouquet with flowers she chooses for their beauty and originality. Everything is pretty, everything is fresh, everything is neat and the bouquets are nicely wrapped in paper (without plastic). Bénédicte takes the time to do things right, so you will need a little patience if there are customers before you. But, you will return with a superb bouquet, and you will definitely come back ;-)

On the other hand, if you order your bouquet in advance, you can directly pay for your order and skip the queue ... but you lose this magic moment which is the creation of your bouquet ...




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So beautiful
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