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All the flavours of Latin America

Javier (of Spanish origin) and Gladys (Peruvian) opened this nice restaurant 37 years ago. You will find on the menu dishes from all over Latin America at a very democratic price (dishes from € 12) in a setting that reminds you of Aqualibi. And this is no coincidence, the goal of Javier and Gladys wasn't to open a chic restaurant but a restaurant that invites us to (re)discovers the popular spirit of Latin American restaurants. And in this type of restaurants, we very often find this kind of decor. So, with this decor and Latin background music, it really feels like travelling ;-)

On the menu, you will find the great classics, but also typical dishes from Brazil, Colombia, Peru or Ecuador which change over time.

The house specialities? Fish ceviche (Peruvian dish) as a starter and Bandeja Paisa (Colombian dish) as a main dish.

You can also order the dishes by telephone and pick them up on the spot 30 minutes later. The menu can be found on the restaurant's Facebook page.

All over Brussels, there are only 3 restaurants of this kind, but what makes this restaurant even more unique is the disco's Latino bar in the basement where you can dance salsa to end your evening in style (Friday and Saturday evening).

The only downside of the place is that you must pay in cash only.




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Palasi Latino
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