La librairie de la toison d’or

Avenue de la Brabançonne 84, 1030 Schaerbeek


A great little bookstore with nearly 6,000 books and 3,500 second-hand comic books, some very recent or collectable

Welcome to "La librairie de la toison d’or" ... Toison d'Or in Schaerbeek? Yes! The bookstore was at the Toison d'Or and its stock in Schaerbeek. Since the book market is not doing well, the store, unfortunately, closed down and Alain opened a small store where his stock was located.
However, you must be aware of the existence of this small bookstore which actually lives in a parallel world, a world of paper where the digital technology does not exist: it is (not yet) referenced on Google Maps, no Facebook page. or Instasomething and obviously no terminal for card payments. Luckily the bank is nearby to get some good old paper banknotes!!!
This bookseller likes to specialize in books on the history of Africa, antiquity, art ... But Alain began in 2018 to specialize in comic books! More or less 5000 new comics come out per year and in this store, you will find recent comics, perhaps the numbers you need to finalize a series, about 50 autographed comics, collection comics. It must be said that the store remains a little ordered mess of which only Alain really knows the secrets, even if the comics are classified by publisher and the books by theme. However, this bookseller loves customer contact and will be happy to help and advise you!
Note that you will find there mainly books in French, but also in Dutch and English. There are also some DVDs for sale.
This is the place for lovers of good books and comics at reasonable prices!




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La librairie de la toison d’or
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