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GRAFIK, a little paradise for printed images, graphic novels and illustrations

GRAFIK is a bookshop-gallery in Schaerbeek where artists and art lovers can experiment and deploy their talents. It is a catalyst for creative initiatives and a fun space with a dynamic program of openings, screenings and workshops.
Leticia, the owner of the place, is from Schaarbeek, art historian and graphic designer/illustrator, passionate about the printed image.

How to help this trade during this pandemic?
Go to the shop, or make a growfunding donation so that they can launch new projects and acquire a riso machine (a machine based on the stencil reproduction technique).
or by buying books from their webshop




Artisans - Ceramic Designer - Shoemaker - Woodworker - Ironworker of art - Florist - Sculptor - Engraver - Crafts around stone - The art of metal - Prosthetist - Saddler Stuffer - Upholsterer - Musical instrument maker - Clockmaker - Artisan diamond - Artisan ceramist - Glass artisan - Artisan butcher - Artisan baker - Artisan charcutier-caterer - Pastry maker - Fishmonger craftsman - Artisan Hairdresser - Artisan florist - Art gallery

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