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Why Shop1030 ?

What would Schaerbeek be without our shops, restaurants and bars? In our town, more and more amazing shops opened. These businesses have helped to convey a positive image of Schaerbeek and make our lives easier and more pleasant. Our local shops, restaurants bars and artisans are facing difficult times with the COVID-19 lockdown measures, many of them need our support. Several of them try to communicate to do business online, but this communication gets lost very quickly on social networks and it is not easy to attract visitors to a website.
For this reason, several citizens have decided to support our merchants with this websites. 

On this site you will soon find useful information concerning our local shops, restaurants, bars and craftsmen: the opening hours during the lockdown measures, how to contact them, the menus of the restaurants which offer take away services, how to support our cool bars (they will remain closed for some times) etc.

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