Les trouvailles de Louise

Rue Josaphat 290, 1030 Schaerbeek


Want to disconnect completely? You will find your happiness here!

'Les trouvailles de Louise' is a very special place, a mix between a shop with organic and local products, a tea room with homemade snacks, store of objects handmade in Schaerbeek and the surrounding area ... in a nutshell, a nice little restaurant hidden in the Josaphat street in front of school number 1 with its superb art-deco facade. When opening the 'dingelingeling' a little bell rings, which is the signal for Astrid and Patricia to come and welcome you with a big smile. At any time of the day there is something, brunch in the morning (with a children's formula), a buckwheat pancake, quiche or the dish of the day at noon, a good cake in the afternoon ...

Note that there is a brunch 'a volonté' on the first Sunday of the month! When the weather is nice, it's time to enjoy the garden with a comic strip.

To keep the little ones occupied there are games and books.

In the first room, you will find various organic or artisanal products such as the excellent MAD LAB cookies (made in a small workshop not far from the Van Praet bridge), in the next rooms various objects made by small artisans.




Catering industry - Brasserie - Bar - Seminar Centre - Room Rental - Bed and Breakfast - Equipment - Professional kitchen equipment - Friterie - Snack - Sandwicherie - Glacier - Tea-room - Hotels - Restaurant - Caterer

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Lundi   10:00 @ 15:00
Mardi   10:00 @ 15:00
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Jeudi   10:00 @ 15:00
Vendredi   10:00 @ 15:00
Samedi   10:00 @ 15:00
Dimanche   10:00 @ 15:00

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Les trouvailles de Louise
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