Place des Chasseurs Ardennais 6, 1030 Schaerbeek


The organic grocer of the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais

Welcome to the new and only organic grocery store of the upper part of Schaerbeek, open since mid-July 2020. In this store, you'll find everything you can find ultra-fresh fruits and vegetables, delicatessen, bulk, a wellness area, essential oils, products from gemmotherapy, cleaning products ... like in a supermarket but then in a much smaller space with small rooms that allow you to discover the products while walking from one room to another. Alexis is happy to explain you the origin of each product.




Food - Specialized food - Butchery - Bakkerij - Gebak - Brewers - Wines and Spirits - Chocolate - Confectionery - Cheese - Wholesalers - Frozen - Food Stores - Fish shop

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Samedi   10:00 @ 18:30
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