La Ritournelle

Avenue Gustave Latinis 29, 1030 Schaerbeek


Clothes, toys, books... for children from 0 to 8 years of second hand and top quality!

La Ritournelle offers clothes, toys, books, strollers ... in a boutique with a warm and contemporary character, based on the consignment principles. The clothes are selected with taste, they are contemporary and of quality and arranged carefully by size (from 0 to 8 years). The stock is constantly renewed thanks to daily deposits.

Steph’s goal is to dust off the image of second-hand shops because each piece is unique and branded. The consignment store is an opportunity to give them a new chance by upgrading them, reducing the consumption of natural resources and reducing the creation of waste.

What during these pandemic times?

The store, as well as the webshop, remain open but it is advisable to do your shopping online. In-store pickup is free and quick. Delivery for orders over 60 euros is free.




Fashion & Beauty - Jewellery - Shoes - Lingerie - Maroquinery - Haberdashery - cordonnerie - Second-hand clothing - Sportswear - Children's clothing - Women's and men's clothing - Professional clothing - Coiffeurs - Beauticians - Pedicures - Manicures - Specific beauty equipment - durable - zero waste - Perfumery - Parapharmacy - Tattoos - Piercings

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La Ritournelle
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