L'Âne Fou / de zotte Ezel

Rue Royale-Sainte-Marie 19, 1030 Schaerbeek

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A real Brussels bistro, in a very nice setting and a friendly terrace

It all starts with the name in French and Dutch ... Yes, you are at a real Brussels bistro in a very pleasant setting opposite the beautiful halls of Schaerbeek. Here, even when there are just a few people in the bar, a super friendly atmosphere still reigns ... All thanks to Geoffrey and his team as well as the nice setting with its various cult objects all over the place. And, if you are hungry, you have a choice between different small dishes. An ideal place to go take a Belgian beer with friends or meet people at the counter.




Catering industry - Brasserie - Bar - Seminar Centre - Room Rental - Bed and Breakfast - Equipment - Professional kitchen equipment - Friterie - Snack - Sandwicherie - Glacier - Tea-room - Hotels - Restaurant - Caterer

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Samedi   19:00 @ 01:00
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L'Âne Fou / de zotte Ezel
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