La Guinguette Populeir

Lambermontlaan 352, 1030 Schaarbeek


Finally a nice little restaurant-bar at the upper part of the Josaphat park

La Guinguette Populeir is located in the small building at the upper part of Josaphat Park at the end of the large archery plain, visible from the path with the cherry trees starting at the intersection of Avenue Louis Bertrand and Boulevard Lambermont (yes indeed, that small building that was always closed).

It is a nicely decorated place where you can have a drink or have something to eat with your family, colleagues or friends at very democratic prices ... The goal is to be accessible to the greatest number of Schaerbeekois and not to create another bobo restaurant. The plates are within 8 to 12 €, with a few exceptions ... and everything is of impeccable quality and freshness!

Pierre (the dad), Julien and Yves (the sons) and Thomas (the friend) opened the restaurant-bar just after the COVID-19 lockdown and the concept pleases, so much that we strongly advise reserving your table !!!

On the menu piadines or fougasses with a little Belgian touch, but also salads and for children excellent "Bollekes à la Brusseleir" (typical Belgian meatballs). From 4 p.m. onwards there are boards, ideal to share with your friends and a Belgian beer or two, three or perhaps... more?

Josaphat Park was already 'the place to be' with the arrival of this restaurant-bar we will definitely remain the Central Park of Brussels ;-)




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La Guinguette Populeir
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