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Kriekebiche puts the spotlight on local creators and craftsmen, a space is also dedicated for creative and thematic workshops

Kriekebiche is the contraction of two words:

KIEKEBICHE: having 'kiekebiches' is a Brussels expression which means getting goosebumps.

KRIEK: these are the Schaerbeek cherries, which were used for the basic recipe of the famous beer “Kriek”

At Kriekebiche you will find nice little gifts for yourself or someone else, zero waste items, jewellery, stationery, food products, all local and sustainable and made with passion.

Aurélie opened her shop three weeks before the start of the lockdown, a webshop was set up during this period ;-)

But who is Aurélie?

I am 38 years old and I am a speech therapist by training, I worked as an independent speech therapist in an office and as an employee in a nursing home for ten years. I discovered sewing when my son was born and it quickly became a passion. I launched my brand of zero waste textile creations "Lilie dans les étoiles" a few years ago in parallel with my already busy professional life and it has become my full-time activity almost a year ago. In December the opportunity to rent a commercial space presented itself to me and I, therefore, decided to set up my workshop there and at the same time make it a shop in order to promote local know-how and craftsmanship. Challenges never scare me and I always have 1030 projects in mind!




Artisans - Ceramic Designer - Shoemaker - Woodworker - Ironworker of art - Florist - Sculptor - Engraver - Crafts around stone - The art of metal - Prosthetist - Saddler Stuffer - Upholsterer - Musical instrument maker - Clockmaker - Artisan diamond - Artisan ceramist - Glass artisan - Artisan butcher - Artisan baker - Artisan charcutier-caterer - Pastry maker - Fishmonger craftsman - Artisan Hairdresser - Artisan florist - Art gallery

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