Just Beauty

Rue du Noyer 200, 1030 Schaerbeek


A beauty salon with trained staff in a clean and pleasant environment

Nathalie (who lives in Schaerbeek) has been working in this beauty salon since 2014 and has been managing this establishment since 2018 on her own. She has made major changes which gives this place an enchanting side.

They provide an incredible number of treatments, which is not the case in other beauty institutes: depigmentation, treatments against acne, anti-ageing, permanent hair removal, basic treatments, massages, pedicures and manicures, medical pedicure, permanent makeup, micro-needling, mesotherapy, endermology (only with LPG), eyelash extensions etc. etc.

Each employee is specialized in one or more treatments and receives on a regular basis specific training.

They also pay close attention to the products they use

- HB High Born, a Belgian company with massage and exfoliation products

- World Of Oils, also a Belgian brand

- Deuterium, a Belgian laboratory for people with specific skin problems

- ...

It is therefore not a surprise that with such a range of treatments with quality products, this establishment is so popular with many Schaerbeek residents and Eurocrats.




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Just Beauty
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