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The candyshop of the Josaphat park

Your kids are stuck in front of Netflix or Xbox, and you are looking for a way to get them out? Here is the solution: Josaphines, the old little candy store in the best park of Brussels (Josaphat park of course). Brunch and aperitif baskets, hot dogs and "haute dogs", croque monsieurs, ice cream, popcorn, waffles, homemade cookies, doughnuts, homemade ice tea, ... all the incentives you need to motivate your kids (or your friends) to make a tour in this superb park! The concept is great, the products are good, the Josaphat park is awesome ... no more excuses! Come with kids and friends and enjoy the park with a drink or something to eat.
It is preferable to reserve your picnic basket or aperitif basket through the Facebook page of Josaphines.




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