Faubourg Saint-Antoine

Avenue Sleeckx 68, 1030 Schaerbeek


The restaurant for young people from 7 to 77 years old

You have to be a bachi-bazouk if you never have set foot in this great little restaurant with its extraordinary setting close to Schaerbeek station. Its main assets: the very remarkable 'Tintin' decor, the delicious and original cuisine, the friendly and always smiling boss 'Bob' and excellent value for money. What more do you want for a great lunch before going into the afternoon in a good mood? For 30 years, Bob takes the time to explain with enthusiasm to each guest the suggestions of the day with a choice of meat, fish, salad and starters in the evenings. A such, you'll have a new surprise each time you visit the place!

The restaurant is open two evenings a week, Thursday and Friday!




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Lundi   12:00 @ 14:00
Mardi   12:00 @ 14:00
Mercredi   12:00 @ 14:00
Jeudi   12:00 @ 14:00
    18:00 @ 22:00
Vendredi   12:00 @ 14:00
    18:00 @ 22:00
Samedi   - @ -
Dimanche   - @ -

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Faubourg Saint-Antoine
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