Ecuries van de Tram

Rubensstraat 95, 1030 Schaarbeek


The organic market of the 'Ecuries van de Tram'

Dedicated to organic agriculture and cultural events (concerts are organised there), the organic market of the Ecuries van de Tram is a good short circuit example.

It takes place on Fridays and Saturdays in the former stables of the tram horses (a stone's throw from the Place Colignon).

The "consumers" meet the producers. Stalls are run by merchants who know by heart the products they sell and the producers. There are very few intermediaries between producers and consumers (apart from the stable market or the merchants).




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Vendredi   14:00 @ 19:00
Samedi   08:30 @ 13:30
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Ecuries van de Tram
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