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A well-hidden shop, where you can find organic and fair trade products to take care of yourself and your loved ones

Ecomug is a webshop, but also a very well hidden store in the rue Josaphat opened on June 2 2020, by Jacques and Dimitri. When opening the door you are greeted by the good smells of the soaps on the central counter. You'll find here terrific products to take care of yourself or to offer: products made from donkey milk such as shower gel, shampoo, makeup remover, soap and cosmetics from a Belgian or French farm. But also well-being decoration (Made in France), hand-painted Buddha paintings from India or even essential oil diffusers made in Belgium. And finally, they also have bamboo mugs (hence the name of the store 'Ecomug').

This is the place to go to look for your organic end-of-year gifts! You can put together a much more interesting well-being pack than in the shops of the big brands, and most of the products are as local as possible.




Health - Hearing - Optics - Laboratory - Medical equipment - Pharmacy - Parapharmacy

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