De Brabandere Pharmacie - Apotheek

Chaussée de Helmet 251, 1030 Schaerbeek


The pharmacy that has a lot in stock and that does not encourage the consumption of drugs

The 'De Brabandere' family-owned pharmacy has been advising inhabitants from Schaarbeek and Evere since 1914. Ann and Ann will always take the time to give good advice, without ever pushing for unnecessary consumption of drugs or other products. They speak French, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Since they are not part of a group, they have a huge amount of products in stock. You will therefore often get what you need, without having to return to the pharmacy in the afternoon or the next day.

If you are going on a trip to a country with a lot of health risks, do not hesitate to come to them for advice (take a list of the medicines you already have at home).




Health - Hearing - Optics - Laboratory - Medical equipment - Pharmacy - Parapharmacy

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De Brabandere Pharmacie - Apotheek
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