Côté Gourmand

Avenue Paul Deschanel 6, 1030 Schaerbeek


A bit like Le Pain Quotidien but then

Blerim opened this establishment a few years ago and from the start, it turned out to be a great success. Fancy a little brunch, a well-filled sourdough toast, quiche, salad, tartlet or a good tea after a walk in the Josaphat Park? You are at the right place, take a seat inside or at the terrace next to the shop. At the counter, you can buy artisan bread, tarts, cookies and other delicacies to eat at home.




Catering industry - Brasserie - Bar - Seminar Centre - Room Rental - Bed and Breakfast - Equipment - Professional kitchen equipment - Friterie - Snack - Sandwicherie - Glacier - Tea-room - Hotels - Restaurant - Caterer

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Côté Gourmand
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