Chez Noémie

Avenue Docteur Dejase 10, 1030 Schaerbeek

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Gourmet cuisine, good for body and mind!

After making a website with recipes and the birth of a second child, what do you do? Well, Noémie decides to give up her career in business consulting to create "Chez Noémie". This restaurant wants to make a difference: exclusively homemade cuisine, local, seasonal, organic/fair trade products as much as possible.

They will be (the establishment does not yet exist) open every midday of the week + at certain other times which they still need to define according to the current conjuncture (Friday evening? Weekend? Brunch?)




Catering industry - Brasserie - Bar - Seminar Centre - Room Rental - Bed and Breakfast - Equipment - Professional kitchen equipment - Friterie - Snack - Sandwicherie - Glacier - Tea-room - Hotels - Restaurant - Caterer

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Lundi   12:00 @ 15:00
Mardi   12:00 @ 15:00
Mercredi   12:00 @ 15:00
Jeudi   12:00 @ 15:00
Vendredi   12:00 @ 15:00
Samedi   - @ -
Dimanche   - @ -

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Chez Noémie
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