Chez Félix

Avenue Félix Marchal 142, 1030 Schaerbeek

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For the discovery of wines

'Chez Felix' is a wine bar offering a wide range of organic, biodynamic and natural wines from all regions and countries. The atmosphere is cosy and you have the opportunity to taste different dishes.

The philosophy of the place is to offer quality products at reasonable prices. And this is the case for wines - with a preference for Pierre, the owner, for wines from Portugal or Spain -, as for the small dishes.

The establishment has been open for 5 years. On a sunny Friday evening, the place is however usually pretty crowded.




Catering industry - Brasserie - Bar - Seminar Centre - Room Rental - Bed and Breakfast - Equipment - Professional kitchen equipment - Friterie - Snack - Sandwicherie - Glacier - Tea-room - Hotels - Restaurant - Caterer

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Samedi   16:00 @ 23:00
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Chez Félix
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