Brunch Corner

Louis Bertrandlaan 52, 1030 Schaarbeek


An amazing concept with charming staff

Sevan opened the Brunch Corner in February 2020, a great concept in a great setting with good products and friendly staff. The result? An immediate hit! So don't forget to book your table on the weekends to be sure to get one (luckily there are plenty of other nice places to go, check our website).

You can come to the Brunch Corner for brunch (well yes, what's in a name?) but also for classic breakfasts, salads, pasta, tapas ... You have a large choice of wines and there are good classic Belgian beers. For the little ones and for the big gourmands there is homemade lemonade and homemade ice tea. In fact, almost everything is homemade (like jams) and what is not is certainly not industrial. This is part of the concept and they are proud of it! Even the furniture is tailor-made based on the boss's ideas. You will also find there the table of binoculars and the table of the boss.

A restaurant that will continue to be a hit for sure!




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Brunch Corner
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